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We are glad to present to your attention a large-scale humanitarian project developing in Russia, the World Encyclopedia of Travel, implemented by the nonprofit, non-political organization of the same name.

The goal of the World Encyclopedia of Travel is scientific research, educational and enlightening activity, and also exchange of the latest knowledge about the planet Earth, its civilizations and natural resources. The World Encyclopedia of Travel is an information and scientific partner and sponsor of travelers, scientific organizations and children’s projects. The banners of the World Encyclopedia of Travel are in the ISS, on the highest peaks of the planet, in the hearts of thousands of people.

A nonprofit organization, The World Encyclopedia of Travel Foundation is a holder of the President of the Russian Federation Grant for the implementation of projects in the field of education, culture, art and public diplomacy (Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 30 June 2007).

The project is under the auspices of UNESCO, and it’s also supported by the major international organizations, including UNICEF and World Wide Fund for Nature. The Foundation is also supported by the Ministry for Culture of Russia, the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm), the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the Moscow City Duma, the Eurasian Economic Community, the Russian Geographical Society and the National Geographic Society.

The main purposes of the project:

  1. Realization of the tasks of public diplomacy (as a non-state, non-political organization), especially, when it is difficult or objectionable for official bodies to implement the initiative processes.
  2. Creation of a non-political, non-profit, teenage organization for assistance to the public and private educational institutions in implementing the additional education, improving the cognitive and patriotic methodology of teaching children and young people.
  3. Assistance in personal development in the younger generation, fostering the ability to set and achieve goals, to overcome life difficulties and obstacles.
  4. Integration of the world community of travelers, first of all in Russia, for creation and renovation of the cultural, ethnographic, ecological, geographical and historical encyclopedias.
  5. Development of multimedia projects; elaboration and promotion of cognitive games for teenagers, including the games that arouse the interest in the subjects studied in school and other educational institutions.
  6. Tourist and exploratory activities around the whole world.
  7. Organization of the assistance to the World Encyclopedia of Travel partners in their humanitarian, technical and commercial projects in the field of culture and other spheres.

One of the main activities of the World Encyclopedia of Travel is a work with the rising generation. A teenage Project of the Encyclopedia is «The School of Pathfinders» (under the patronage of UNICEF and the Moscow City Duma). All the children until 16 years of age (inclusive) can join «The School of Pathfinders». The projects of «The School of Pathfinders» promote the socialization of adolescents and help them to reveal their creativity. «The School of Pathfinders» allows children and teenagers to participate in the special-interest groups from an early age, granting not only knowledge, but also communication skills and experience of teamwork. The priority task of the Encyclopedia is the creation of a civilized community of travelers, the transformation of public consciousness, the training of environmental responsibility, high moral responsibility, tolerance, political correctness, non-application of double standards.

The Encyclopedia provides assistance to the state educational programs and implementation of the newest innovative processes in tourist services. Travels and Expeditions of the Encyclopedia are realized by the World Travel Lab.

The members of the Encyclopedia can take part in expeditions on seven continents and in the seven parts of the world, at seven geographic, magnetic and other poles of the Earth, on seven highest peaks of the world and even in space (a commander of the ISS, an astronaut, a Hero of the Russian Federation, a member of the Expert Council of the World Encyclopedia of Travel, Pavel Vinogradov participated in the project in the near-earth orbit from April to September 2006). The banner of the Foundation was on board of the ISS; it was delivered there by an active member of our Academy, a pilot-cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin. The expected result of the enterprise is the cooperation of people within the project all over the planet, the creation of a «vivid» (constantly replenishing and interactive) encyclopedia of the modern world. Participants of the project collect and summarize both information materials about the modern world and the evidences of wildlife, ethnography, culturology and the history of human development.

Participation in the programs of the World Encyclopedia of Travel opens new opportunities for organizations and private persons, including the chance to present themselves or the results of their enterprises within our expeditions and different projects.

The World Encyclopedia of Travel tries to develop cooperation with the nations in the field of education, science and culture, to create the spiritual unification of various branches of civilization. An active information environment is created on the basis of materials collected during the expeditions. It exists in the state of tele- and radio programs, publications in the media and the Internet, printed publications (books, albums, guidebooks), educational multimedia programs, permanent exhibitions and expositions. The project assists to improve the image of Russia in the international arena.

The World Encyclopedia of Travel demonstrates to the world community the opportunities of public, non-governmental organizations of the Russian Federation, helping to realize the ideas of the mankind and humanitarian significance, to promote improvement of the rapport between peoples and countries and the development of public diplomacy.

Each volunteer can join the expeditions and other projects of the Foundation.

A new international community of travelers, the Academy, was created as part of the World Encyclopedia of Travel. We invite to join this organization everyone who shares our desire to make travels and expeditions more civilized, who is glad to contemplate our Fatherland, the planet Earth, with the associates in a new way. The members of the World Encyclopedia of Travel are Alexei Kruzenshtern (a direct descendant of Adam Johann von Krusenstern), Vladimir Tolstoy (a great-great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy), Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s team, travelers, astronauts, people, not indifferent to the fate of our planet. 

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