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LavrovA Diplomatic Chronicle is the most «unreadable» rubric of newspapers and magazines. Actually, television has already renounced it. Few people do not simply remember, but they don’t even know that there was a protocol department only in the distant Soviet times in the international department of the program «Vremya» (lit. «Time») and the ambassadors of Foreign Powers spoke in the main information program of the country once per year. However, a Diplomatic Chronicle is constantly present in the work of the World Encyclopedia of Travel. It would seem, why is it necessary on the portal about travel, adventures and expeditions? But behind the formal, protocol phrases, like «Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador ... gave an audience to the direction of the Encyclopedia ... The meeting was discussed ... The Encyclopedia’s administration visited the reception given in honor of ...», are expeditions, trips, interesting cultural and humanitarian projects, which are led by the World Encyclopedia of Travel daily.

And without a report on the daily work with the heads of diplomatic missions, it would be impossible to implement in practice Sergei Lagoda’s super-extreme expeditions, the records of Anatoly Yezhov, the travels of Fedor Konyukhov. Therefore, the Encyclopedia takes the liberty to inform the visitors of periodically about our diplomatic routs. Join us at the information receptions! And, in order to «match» them, the Encyclopedia recommends to study a diplomat’s desk book over a cup of tea (coffee) in the mornings (evenings): «Diplomatic ceremony and protocol» (John R. Wood, Jean Serres).

Пномпень, Королевство Камбоджа. Президент Индонезии Сусило Бамбанг Юдойоно. Слева - директор Делового совета Россия-АСЕАН Виктор Тарусин. Фото А. ФедорченкоДеловой форум Россия-АСЕАН-2012 в рамках Санкт-Петербургского Экономического Форума. Президент Энциклопедии делает презентацию Интернет-телеканала

The World Encyclopedia of Travel sincere thanks the Association of Russian Diplomats (with which we conduct an interesting collaborative project “The Platform of Diplomat”) for the assistance in development of our foreign policy.

The personal appreciation of the Encyclopedia to the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of the Russian Federation: Igor Khalevinsky, Valery Egoshkin, Vladimir Volkov, Anatoly Zaitsev.

The World Encyclopedia of Travel recommends:

The Program of «Mysterious Planet» is a series of video interviews with heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Russia. It’s a broadcast about expeditions and adventures, about the way of life of peoples, countries and civilizations. It’s a telecast for those who would like to know themselves and the world around them better, to experience new sensations in expeditions. Or for those who sit at home at the computer and want to learn more about other civilizations and countries. For those whose life motto is «to fight, to seek, to find and to not give up»!

Слева направо - Чрезвычайный и Полномочный Посол Республики Руанда в РФ Жанна д'Арк Мужавамария, Александр Федорченко, Игорь МикрюковСлева направо - Чрезвычайный и Полномочный Посол Республики Руанда в РФ Жанна д'Арк Мужавамария, Министр иностранных дел Республики Руанда Луиз Мушиквабо, Александр ФедорченкоСлева направо - Инна Леоненкова, переводчик, Чрезвычайный и Полномочный Посол Республики Южный Судан в РФ Телар Ринг ДенгСлева направо - Славенко Терзич, Александр Федорченко, Инна Леоненкова

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