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Project concept

Discover by chance on the hinge
of a pocket knife some foreign dust -
and the world will again seem strange,
enveloped in a rainbow mist.
Alexander Blok

Such large-scale, ambitious, cultural and educational project is implemented in Russia for the first time! It has already become a significant landmark in the formation of an unbiased, scientific view on the historical and geographical events that determined the destiny of the world and our Fatherland!

The strategic purposes of the World Encyclopedia of Travel

  1. To accumulate the efforts of modern Russian and international public institutions for the purpose of education of the general public and especially the younger generation (the youth), fostering the principles of tolerance, internationalism, paying special attention to patriotism, respect for the history of Russia, high moral orientation, improving knowledge in the field of geography and applied sciences.
  2. To promote the democratic development of civil society, bringing truly Russian values and the spirit of team competition to the process of education of young people; to form a stable interest in the historical, geographical, literary, ecological features of the cultural and educational project.
  3. To develop an understanding of the historical place of the Russian Federation in the modern geopolitical process.
  4. To create the ideas about the world historical and geographical processes that formed the Russian statehood and culture.
  5. To consolidate the healthy political forces of society around the idea of moral and ethical development of Russia.

The value of the World Encyclopedia of Travel for Russia

Even now, the activities of «the World Travel Encyclopedia» give a powerful impetus to the positive perception of the modern realities. To some extent, the deficit of the national idea, as stated repeatedly by the President of the Russian Federation, can be overcome precisely by the implementation of the cultural and educational program of «the World Travel Encyclopedia».

In the course of the project implementation, the Foundation realizes a restoration mission of historical events that had the fundamental importance for the establishment of statehood of Rus and Russia. In fact, it will help to restore the legitimate pride of our compatriots for the heroic history of our ancestors. «Time travel» will improve the attitude of the older generation, painfully enduring the disintegration of the great power as well as the loss of unity of the nations of the former USSR, and it will be a useful tool for patriotic education of young people.

The focus group of the Foundation’s projects is very broad. It consists of the junior classes and students with unsettled political views as well as the older generation critical of the existent political reality. The television projects, accompanying the program, are developed with the participation of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is planned to conduct the work in an understandable form for both modern youth and to the people of the older generation, to give the cultural and educational program unofficial status of the «revival of Russia».

Today the appeal to history and geographical discoveries, to the glorious pages of the national past is extremely popular in the whole world. For Slavic peoples, particularly for Russians, living in a stage of social and spiritual revival, the appeal to historical memory is not a tribute to fashion, but it’s a vital necessity.

The project is accompanied by the publication of educational materials, movies and other materials that restore the forgotten and frequently falsified in the media and some pseudo-scientific issues facts of Russian history. The holding of round tables and seminars with the participation of world-renowned scientists, famous politicians, sports figures and world-famous masters of culture - both from Russia and abroad - will make it possible to acquaint the general public with the history of the emergence of Russia as a real pole of political, spiritual and moral power more efficiently. It is particularly important to participate in the project of local administrations, cultural, scientific and educational figures. It will give a real impetus to attracting public attention to the affairs of libraries, museums (including regional museums), existing in extremely difficult conditions. It is important to make this strategy common to the whole people, to involve intellectual Russian elite, regions, youth organizations, members of cultural institutions, leaders of Russian cultural centers and Russian communities in the near abroad (that are threatened with closure) in working on these problems and in analyzing the situation. 

A significant role in the project is given to representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and its representatives in the Russian near abroad, where our compatriots desire to unite with the Russian Orthodox culture, inseparable from the Russian culture in general. The activities of World Encyclopedia of Travel are coordinated with the work of the Commission of the Moscow City Duma on interethnic and interdenominational relations; the activities imply the cooperation of followers of various religious denominations. 

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