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The Academy of the World Encyclopedia of Travel provides grants for developing of the travel industry on a competitive basis.

Grants are provided for the following purposes 
  • Photo of Dmitry Potapov, Guru of Photography school of the World Encyclopedia of TravelPreparation and conduct of expeditions within the Academy plans;
  • Implementation of scientific projects related to the study of the phenomenon of travel, its history, psychophysiological nature, educational and cultural significance;
  • Creation of art and journalistic works dedicated to the travel and its educational and cultural significance for humanity.
Grants are available regardless of the applicant’s age. When evaluating the promise of declared projects, the applicant’s experience in the relevant field of activity is taken into account. Membership in the Academy is not necessary, but it is a priority for receiving grants.
Application for a Grant

Projects submitted for a grant from the Academy should comply with the issues and work aspects of the Academy. The information provided by the Applicant is confidential; it will only be used to evaluate the application.

Consideration of applications usually takes from 2 to 6 months. When evaluating the application for grants, the Academy of the World Encyclopedia of Travel gives preference to the projects that can include partial financing by the Applicants.

Currently, the Foundation does not implement grant activities.

The World Encyclopedia of Travel provides free information support to the non-commercial projects (travel, expeditions, other projects). More: link. More:

Commercial projects can use the information support of the Foundation only on a paid basis. Morelink.


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