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It’s known that the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway who when asked why he, a writer, reads other books, answered: “In order not to write the same!” It’s important for any traveler to know which trails, routes, water areas and caves of the planet were passed before and how it was done. This knowledge help him to pass them in the same way as one of the great ones has done, or try to leave his trace in the World Encyclopedia of Travel.

Library of the World Encyclopedia of Travel Partner, the Russian Geographical SocietyReading about traveling is not just one of the main intellectual and emotional pleasures of modern man. It’s also an introduction to useful practical observations of expedition participants, the enrichment of theoretical knowledge, the school of adventurous and research thought. Lessons of anticipation ...  We create the World Traveler’s Library that everyone can touch the treasury of accumulated knowledge, experience and ideas in the field of travel and expeditions.


The World Traveler’s Library includes books on travels and expeditions, maps, diaries, letters, brochures, booklets, information CDs, DVDs and much more.

Holdings of the World Traveler’s Library

Yury Senkevich’s book granted to the World Traveler’s Library by Ksenia SenkevichThe World Traveler’s Library is enriched through the participation of a wide range of travel enthusiasts, book lovers, bibliophiles. If you have an extra copy of a book, map or another travel-related printed issue that you can send to us, please, do it! Books are accepted in the form of a gift. The books (books, archives, other materials interesting to the World Encyclopedia of Travel) will be properly marked; they will be sealed with the name of the grantor.


Each edition is added to the database according to the following features:

  • 1984, the Black Sea, board of the barque “Tovarishch”. From left to right: Alexandr Fedorchenko, Tim Severin, Yury SenkevichElectronic cover image
  • Author
  • Title
  • Output data of the book
  • Brief annotation
  • Data of the grantor (full name, titles, ranks and other information the grantor wants to share)

Books of the World Traveler’s Library will be provided to readers in both paper and electronic (scanned) versions.

Currently, holdings of the World  Traveler's Library are enriched.

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