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“Planet Earth”

Certificate “Planet Earth” is an excellent, unique gift!

We often have a simple, but challenging question: What to get? We need a gift for a beloved person, a distant relative, a tutor, a colleague at work ... Sometimes we need a gift as a neutral compliment, we often need it as a formal present; in general, it’s a huge problem!

How can we combine a nice present and reasonable price, originality and adequate moderateness? There is a way! The certificate “Planet Earth” is a gift, which has no analogues in the world. The certificate “Planet Earth” is a unique document. It’s a message to the World, descendants, residents of other continents and even representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The expedition team of the World Travel Lab will deliver it to the most remote places on the planet. We can deliver it:

  • In the information capsules on all the highest peaks of the Earth and on all the Poles of the Planet (North, South, Magnetic, Pole of Inaccessibility, etc.)
  • On a special disk in outer space; * by bottle mail to all the oceans of the Planet

Certificate “Planet Earth”Certificate “Planet Earth” (explanatory page)

You will see everything that happens because of the special media project of the World Encyclopedia of Travel.

In an interactive mode, you can receive “hot” information about expeditions (and, possibly, about your personal journey), to each pole, every highest peak of all continents and parts of the world on our Internet portal and in printing publications. We are going to broadcast regularly the progress of the project on most regional and several federal television channels as well as radio stations.

Certificate “Planet Earth”What is the certificate “Planet Earth”? This is a document evidencing personal involvement in the World Encyclopedia of Travel project. The certificate is authenticated by the signature of the participant of one of the stages of the expedition and the signature of the first full member of the Academy who has been in space (he is a commander of the ISS, the space pilot, Hero of Russia Pavel Vinogradov). The certificate “Planet Earth” is a unique product with patents of Russian and international standards. Certificate “Planet Earth” is your name and message on the pages of the chronicle book of our Encyclopedia of Travel.

It will include diaries of expeditions, the best photos, interviews, traveler’s stories, advices for beginning adventurers, children’s thematic drawings and stories. Certificate “Planet Earth” is a chance to receive gifts. The number of your certificate is included in the special program of the World Encyclopedia of Travel, according to which you become a participant in the lottery of the Foundation’s exclusive products: DVD-collections of documentaries about travels, guidebooks, gift calendars, books, posters and attributes. The annual super prize is participation in trip around the world one at one of its stages. Guarantees of the World Encyclopedia of Travel Foundation: We guarantee you the uniqueness of the Certificate, which will decorate your home or office.

Certificate “Planet Earth”Certificate “Planet Earth”

You can constantly monitor the journey of your message across the Planet and the Universe on the Internet portal of the World Encyclopedia of Travel. All Certificates are protected against forgeries by special relief seal and holographic badge. Each Certificate is assigned a special identification number, which allows its owner to verify the authenticity of the order. All funds received from the implementation of the certificates go to the development of the World Encyclopedia of Travel projects, including joint projects of the Foundation with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and the World Wildlife Fund. 

The price and order of the certificate “Planet Earth”

Price of the certificate “Planet Earth”

  • Certificate in the glass frame: 1500 rubles + 150 rubles. (Courier delivery within the Moscow Ring Road or postal delivery within Russia)
  • Certificate in the tube: 1800 rubles + 150 rubles. (Courier delivery within the Moscow Ring Road or postal delivery within Russia)
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