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The basis of cooperation with the Applicants of the World Encyclopedia of Travel is assistance to organizations and individuals in posting information materials (articles, news, exhibitions of paintings and photos, audio and video materials, etc.). Subjects: travel, expeditions, extreme sports and recreation, research, etc. The portal publishes only previously unpublished literary and journalistic materials. All articles posted on the portal have the label: «Specially for the World Encyclopedia of Travel».

In exceptional cases, it is possible to post previously published materials that have been specially reproduced for the Encyclopedia (in this case the material comes out with an informational message: «Reproduced specifically for the World Encyclopedia of Travel»). After publishing on the portal the material can be published anywhere, with reference to the portal of Encyclopedia.

Organizations and individuals are eligible for the Support of the World Encyclopedia of Travel for realization of their projects, expeditions and creativity.

Requirements for posting materials on the portal:


• The article should have at least 3 pages of the text and it should not exceed 4 pages of the text (Times New Roman, 12).

• The article should contain: a title, a brief annotation (not more than 1 paragraph, separated from the text of the article by a blank line), the contents of the article.

• The article should be accompanied by illustrative material (at least 5-10 photographs, drawings, illustrations, diagrams, maps). The requirements for the illustrative material are listed below, in the section “Illustrative Materials”.

• If the article has more than 4 pages, it should be divided into parts, not less than 3 and not more than 4 pages each of them. In this case, the material is published as a series of articles.

• Each part of the article series should contain: a title, a brief annotation of each part and contents.

• The materials proposed for publication on must be original, i.e., it should not be published previously. After the publication on our portal you can reprint your material in other publications, with reference to the World Encyclopedia of Travel.

Illustrative materials:

• Illustrative materials are photographs, drawings, maps, schemes.

• Illustrative materials are accepted in JPEG format, scanned with a resolution of at least 600 pixels.

• If the illustrative materials are not original (taken from the Internet), their size should be no less than 600 pixels vertically (both for “landscape” and “book” versions of the picture).

• Original illustrative materials are prevailed. If illustrative materials are taken from the Internet, it’s necessary to indicate in the signatures the coordinates of the site from which the material is taken. For example: “Lake Spitzingsee. Max and Junga fry sausages. From the website”.

• Scanned materials should not contain “black” and other fields, extraneous inscriptions, logotypes (unless specifically noted).

• All illustrative materials must have a name (signature) and must be checked for compliance of the image with the text of signature. The caption for the photo must begin with a capital letter.

• Illustrative materials should be done at a scale of 10x15 (both in landscape and book format).

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